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Winning betting strategies 1xBet 

March 15 2023 | Articles

Like any other type of gambling, sports betting at 1xBet cannot guarantee a 100% win. However, there are some strategies and approaches that can help increase the chances of success:

  1. Research and analyze sports statistics: Before placing a bet, it is important to conduct a thorough analysis of sports statistics, including information on teams, players, coaches, their form and current position in the standings. This will help make more informed betting choices.
  2. Fixed Bets: One of the most common strategies is to use fixed bids. This means that you should always bet the same amount on each bet, rather than changing the bet amount based on the results of previous bets.
  3. Performance Bets: Another common strategy is performance based betting (ie goals, points, corners, etc.). This strategy allows you to reduce the risk of losing your bet, because even if you do not guess the winner of the match, you can still win the bet if you guess the number of goals/points, etc.
  4. Avoid betting on favorites: Many people bet on their favorite teams, players or sporting events, even if they don’t have good odds of winning. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning, it is better to avoid such bets and bet based on sports statistics and analysis.
  5. Using Live Betting: Live bets are bets that are placed during the match, when you can watch the game and react to the current situation. This strategy allows you to get more accurate information and make more informed bets based on current circumstances.
  6. Control Your Emotions: Finally, one of the key aspects of successful betting is controlling your emotions. You should not bet out of

Working sports betting strategies at 1xBet betting company 

Like any other betting company, 1xBet has many strategies and approaches that can be used when placing sports bets. Some of them are:

  1. Betting on totals: with this strategy, you bet on the number of goals/points/corner kicks, etc. in a match, instead of betting on a particular team winning or losing. This can be useful when expecting a high match performance.
  2. Betting on a favorite: This is a strategy that suggests that you bet on the team that is the favorite in the match. While this does not guarantee a win, often the favorite has a better chance of winning.
  3. Betting on a draw: This is a strategy that assumes you are betting on a draw in a match. Although it may seem risky, often in matches of relatively equal teams a draw can be a good choice.
  4. Betting on reputable teams: this is a strategy that assumes you are betting on teams with high rankings and prestige. While this may be a safer choice, often betting on reputable teams has lower odds, which can reduce the potential winnings.
  5. Live Event Betting: Live betting allows you to bet on events that occur in real time during a match. This allows you to get more accurate information and make more informed choices when placing bets.
  6. Using Statistics: Analyzing statistics and data can help you make better decisions when placing bets. You can study past team results, player form, team level and many other factors that can affect the outcome of a match.

It is important to understand that none of these strategies guarantee a 100% win. However, using these approaches can help you increase your chances of success.

How to choose your betting strategy on 1xBet. Tips for beginners

If you are just starting out in sports betting with 1xBet betting company, it is recommended to use the following tips when choosing your strategy:

  1. Research different strategies: familiarize yourself with different approaches and strategies that can help you make informed betting decisions. You can read reviews and recommendations on sports forums or in specialized sports betting books.
  2. Set your goals and budget: Before you start betting, set your goals and budget. Set specific goals, such as getting a certain profit per month or year. Also, set your wagering budget and don’t exceed it.
  3. Study Sporting Events: Become knowledgeable about the sporting events you wish to bet on. Study statistics, results and team form so you can make more informed decisions.
  4. Don’t bet based on chance: Don’t bet based on random factors such as luck or intuition. This can lead to losing large sums of money.
  5. Don’t bet on everything: Don’t bet on every event that the betting company offers. Focus on the events you have studied and understand best.
  6. Maintain discipline: Maintain discipline and don’t bet more than you can afford. If you lose, don’t try to recover your losses by betting more.
  7. Use bonuses: don’t forget to use the bonuses that the betting company offers. These can help increase your profits or reduce your losses.

Finally, remember that no strategy guarantees a win. It is important to remain realistic and not to risk more than you can afford.



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