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Stiff Neck Injury & Football

May 13 2008 | Articles

Stiff Neck Injury & Football


Stiff Neck Injury Explained

A highly common symptom, stiff neck may stem from a variety of neck conditions. Although neck pain is present along with stiffness that can impede movement, these symptoms can be mere indications of a range of more serious ailments. These ailments may include a disc prolapse (slipped disc), a facet joint problem, an undiagnosed cervical fracture (broken neck), among many other possible neck conditions.

The stiff neck is typically a result of sudden contraction of the neck muscles. A possible indication of an underlying neck problem, these spasms can also bring neck pain.

Stiff Neck Signs & Symptoms

Commonly, people afflicted with Acute Torticollis or Wry Neck awaken to a feeling of pain and stiffness in their necks. However, it is also possible for your neck to stiffen right after a sudden movement such as a powerful header. In this condition, the neck will be firmly tilted to one side and engaging it in any kind of motion will cause the existing pain to escalate. It is also possible for the pain to spread up the person’s neck or even down to the shoulders. The neck muscles may also contract suddenly, bringing more pain to the person.

Stiff Neck Treatment

What you can do

It is vital for conditions of the neck such as injury to the discs or degenerative ailments be ruled out since the true cause of Acute Torticollis is still not certain. In order to make an accurate diagnosis, the patient must consult a doctor and when necessary, seek a referral to a specialist. A Chartered Physiotherapist may begin treatment of the condition once procedures such as X-ray’s and MRI prove that there are no other neck ailments present.

Manipulations and treatments must begin only when the cause of the stiff neck has been correctly identified. Attempts to treat the stiff neck through chiropractic manipulation may be especially dangerous to those who have serious neck problems which are yet to be diagnosed.

Stiff necks may be effectively treated through gentle massages as well as motion exercises conducted by a Chartered Physiotherapist. In these forms of treatment, the physiotherapist applies gentle pressure to each neck vertebra.
This procedure loosens the vertebra and facilitates an increase in the range of motion. A heat pack is another treatment that may help with the stiff neck. The heat pack will aid in relaxing the muscles that were in a spasm. Other ways of relieving pain from the muscle spasm include gentle stretching exercises.

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Stiff Neck Prevention

What you can do

Stiff neck and the protective muscle spasms are often indicators of underlying neck ailments such as Arthritis of the neck and disc injuries. Good posture can help prevent these conditions. However, for people who already have existing neck problems, lying in bed may intensify neck pain and contribute to more spasms. In order to stop the cycle of neck pain and spasms, it is advisable to use a supporting neck pain pillow which will provide effective support for the head and neck

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