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Top 10 most embarrassing injuries in football

December 27 2023 | Articles

In football, sometimes curious injuries occur that become the objects of attention and laughter for fans. Here are ten examples of the most ridiculous injuries in football history:

  1. Luis Suarez and Ivanovic’s shoulder (2013): Striker Luis Suarez bit defender Branislav Ivanovic during Liverpool’s match against Chelsea. It became one of the most eye-catching and curious incidents in football history.
  2. René Higuita and the baguette (2005): Goalkeeper Rene Higita was injured when a large baguette fell on him due to Bolton fans throwing it on the pitch during a match against Arsenal.
  3. Sandro Ranieri and horse racing (2013): Tottenham midfielder Sandro Ranieri suffered a knee injury while playing off-the-ball horse racing on the beach.
  4. David James and the car (2004): England goalkeeper David James was injured when he fell off his moped while trying to retrieve goodies that had got away from him in a car.
  5. David Busst and Blood (1996): During Manchester United’s match against Coventry, David Busst was seriously injured and blood spilled onto the pitch, causing shock to the fans.
  6. Savio Nsereko and child (2008): During a match for West Ham against Birmingham City, young player Savio Nsereko collided with a boy who was running on the pitch. Both had to leave the field.
  7. Rene Higuita and Playmate (2011): Goalkeeper Rene Higita was injured playing playboy football at a Playboy magazine party.
  8. Leroy Litton and the knife (2009): Accrington Stanley footballer Leroy Litton was injured after falling on a knife that was hidden in the grass on the pitch.
  9. Cedric Suarez and the dog (2002): Cedric Suarez was injured after colliding with a dog that suddenly burst onto the field.
  10. Sara Esayan and the wedding (2003): Iranian footballer Sara Esayan was injured while dancing at her friend’s wedding.

These cases are humorous and sometimes even comical, but they are a reminder that football is a sport where anything can happen, including unexpected injuries.



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