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1Win cashback: terms and conditions and rules for receiving it

January 18 2024 | Articles

1win Casino, like many other online casinos, offers a cashback programme for its players. Cashback is an opportunity to receive a portion of your lost funds in the form of a refund or bonus money. The terms and conditions and rules for receiving cashback can vary from casino to casino, but they usually include the following aspects:

Percentage of cashback: The casino specifies the percentage that players can receive in the form of cashback. For example, it could be 10% of the funds lost.

Accrual Period: The casino specifies the period during which the cashback is accrued. It can be a week, a month or another time period.

Games participating in the cashback: Some casinos may limit the cashback to only certain games or slots. Therefore, it is important to check which games are participating in the cashback programme.

Minimum loss level: The casino may set a minimum loss level that is required to participate in the cashback programme. If your losses do not reach this level, you will not receive cashback.

Limits on maximum cashback: The casino may set limits on the maximum amount of cashback you can receive in a certain period.

Return in real money or bonuses: The casino may provide the cashback in the form of real money that can be withdrawn, or in the form of bonus funds that need to be wagered.

Automatic crediting: Some casinos automatically credit your cashback, while others may require you to request it in your personal account.

Timing: After the end of the cashback period, you usually have to wait a while for the funds to be credited to your account.

It is important to carefully read the terms and conditions and rules of the cashback at 1win Casino to understand what requirements you need to fulfil in order to receive this bonus. You should also remember that the cashback is one of the many bonuses that the casino offers, and it is important to manage your wagers and budget responsibly.

1Win cashback: how to get reimbursed

To get cashback at 1win Casino, you usually need to fulfil certain conditions, which can vary from casino to casino and loyalty programme to loyalty programme. Here are the general steps that may be required to receive compensation in the form of cashback:

Register at the casino: If you are not already registered at 1win Casino, create your account.

Complete identification (if necessary): The casino may require you to go through an identification process to verify your identity.

Participate in the cashback programme: Make sure you participate in the casino’s cashback programme. This may require you to agree or activate the programme in your personal account.

Play games that participate in the programme: Play those games that participate in the cashback programme. It is important to keep an eye on the list of games, as not all of them may be included in the programme.

Follow the terms and conditions: Usually the cashback is awarded based on your playthroughs. Keep an eye on the terms and conditions such as cashback percentage, accrual period, minimum playthrough and others.

Wait for cashback accrual: After the accrual period is over, the casino will process the data and credit the cashback to your account.

Use the received cashback: The received cashback can be used to wager on games or withdrawn to your account depending on the rules of the programme.

Watch out for promotions and bonuses: Sometimes casinos may offer additional bonuses or increased cashback at certain times or for certain games. Keep an eye out for promotions and promo codes to increase your cashback.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of the cashback programme at 1win Casino carefully and comply with them in order to receive your compensation correctly. Each casino may have its own unique rules, so it is important to be informed about the specific terms and conditions for that casino.



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